CANDO Studios

– an idea whose time has come –


                                           Elmo Cando – Studio Engineer

CANDO Studios is your Production Entity.

This is the place to network, build, access, and develop your inspiration by connecting with peace inspired, like-minded folks who can share in facilitating your vision.

The only requirements for being a CANDO participant is that you own a ‘ticket’, and responsibly contribute to the Uplifting of the world through your positive product/service/charity/creation/dream.

Once you are an “Avie”, you have access to interaction with other “Avies” and offerings, in order to support your unique contribution to this world shift, and to support others.

For example, songwriters connecting with creative partners, producers,  promoters, …or inventors connecting with collaborators, technicians, manufacturers…or healers connecting with other healers and sharing working techniques, products, wisdoms, etc…

This will allow you to:

Create and expand your vision

Connect with compatible individuals

Showcase to an already existing Customer base

Generate Income and add to Charitable causes-  ( Check out the CANDO Store) (add link here)

Be a part of a phenomenal Global Project and help direct our Future…

By being a part of this forward- focused endeavor, we can and will together shift the current energy on the planet – to a higher level thinking and energy of optimism, collaboration, healing, helping, creativity, education, beauty, intelligence, fun, and especially, Unity!


                      CODE FRAMING Cyber-farm Production along The Ave

Another example of a collaborative connection is educators connecting with new learning techniques

why don’t we take a train ride over to CANDO SCHOOL….. hop aboard!                                             


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